Omani tourists to benefit as India cuts e-visa fees
Muscat Daily -

At present, Omani tourists pay US$80 (RO30.79) for a one-year multiple-entry e-visa. They now have four options to choose from. The visa fee for peak season (July-March) will be US$25 (RO9.6) for 30 days while it will be US$10 (RO3.8) in the off-season (April-June) for the same period.
The one-year e-visa will now cost US$40 (RO15.4). Another big move has been to introduce a five-year multiple-entry visa for US$80 (RO30.79).
Speaking to Muscat Daily , an official from the Ministry of Tourism in India, said, “The new e-visa fees vary from country to country. We are promoting tourism in lean season big time, as a result the fee has been cut to just US$10 for a 30-day period.”

The official added, “All the fees will be applicable subject to final approval by the Ministry of External Affairs.”

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